Your travel insurance cover expedited return travel and cancellation in relation to Coronavirus

Find information about the coverage of your travel insurance in relation to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

The information was updated on March 19 at 14:50.


Cancel your trip and file your claim

  1. Contact your airline or travel agency to cancel your trip. 

    – If the trip is cancelled by your airline or travel agency, you are entitled to a refund from them. 
    – If the trip is not cancelled by your airline or travel agency, you will have to cancel it yourself and get the refund you are entitled to from them. 

  2. Make sure to get documentation from the airline or travel agency that shows which expenses that have not been refunded.

  3. File your claim online.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to all countries. As a result of this we are now expanding the coverage of the travel insurance. We cover expenses related to cancellation of private, leisure and business travels abroad for those customers who holds the coverage in their terms and conditions based on the following: 

Private leisure travels for travels

  • that were to start between March 14 and April 14, where the plans have been cancelled on March 14 or later.
  • that were to start between March 12 and March 26 and was cancelled from March 12 or later.

Business travels  

Business travels are covered according to current terms and conditions for all travels abroad within 14 days after the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced their travel advice. 

The insurance cover cancellation of business travels 

  • that were to start between March 14 and March 28 (both days included.

We remind you that the situation and travel advice is constantly changing and that decissions therefore are made on an on-going basis.

If you have received cashpoints, bonus points or other types of meber or advantage programme points by your airline as mean of compensation for your cancelled trip, you are free to use these on a new travel later on. However, you do not manage to use those points before they expire, the travel insurance will cover the loss.

Are you working in Public health?

Norwegian Directorate of Health (Helsedirektoratet) now prohibit all travel abroad for employees working with public health care in Noway. The conditions above concerning cancellation also applies to you.

Expedited return to Norway

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourage all Norwegian citizens who are travelling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible, in safe and calm manner, in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

Therefore, Gouda cover necessary expenses to ensure your expedited return to Norway if you have a pre-purchased return ticket before March 13th. The departure time on your return ticket does not matter. You must return to Norway between March 14th and March 28th.  (See separate rules for Student Utland). We do not cover expenses related to your expedited return to Norway if

  • you are travelling from Norway after March 14th
  • you have an open return ticket – then you must use this ticket to return to Norway
  • you prior to this have not booked and paid your return tickets. In this case you will have to pay for them yourself
  • you are a temporary resident abroad, as you should follow the instructions provided by the local authorities

We cover student’s expenses related to their expedited return to Norway

  • if you hold the insurance Student utland we cover a new return ticket. Travel expenses related to returning to campus later on will not be covered. New return journey must be made between March 14th and March 28th.

You must make your own travel arrangements by contacting your travel agency or airline. Unfortunately we cannot arrange this for you. If you are unable to reach your travel agency or flight operator, contact the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by phone +47 23 95 00 00 or email at Expenses not refunded by your travel agency or flight operator should be filed as a claim on your travel insurance. There will be given no compensation for lost vacation days.

Please do not call our Alarm unless you are abroad and are in a need of immediate medical help.

File your claim online

We are doing everything in our power to help our customers, but many people are calling us right now and we therefore must prioritize those currently abroad and with an immediate medical need.

We therefore kindly encourage all our customers who wish to file a claim, to do so online.

Need more information?

Please look for more information on the website of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Contact Gouda

Please contact Gouda customer service and claims department for non-acute inquiries related to your travel insurance 

Opening hours

  • Customer service: Monday - Friday 09:00-15:00
  • Claims: Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00

Both departments can be reached by calling +47 24 14 45 70