Travel Assistance

You can always call the Travel Assistance centre for quick and efficient help - no matter where you are.

Travel Assistance is open 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Even though the Travel Assistance centre is placed in Copenhagen, our employees speak no less than 20 different languages. This means safety for you, because you can get help in a language you understand.

In serious cases, as for instance hospitalization/repatriation, if possiblethe same person will assists you during the entire process. This means that you will be in contact with someone who knows your situation and your needs.

Gouda's International Network

We know the world you travel in. Our employees have extensive travelling experience and they speak several different languages. If we need local help in the country or area that you are travelling in, we will draw on our international network and the network of Emergency centres that Gouda is a part of.

Scandinavian Doctors and Nurses

In addition to the employees working in our Copenhagen office, we employ Scandinavian doctors, nurses and crisis personnel. They are ready to help you and will follow your case by phone, which means they are also able to counsel you and your relatives. Finally, they will be in contact with the treating doctor ensuring that you receive the right treatment.

Gouda Travel Insurance is not only safety worldwide. It is also safety every hour, all year.