Business Expat

For expatriated employees and other persons living outside Norway.

Business Expat

This insurance covers employees who live outside Norway.

To meet individual wishes and needs, the insurance is designed to make it possible to choose between different kinds of coverage. However, the coverage Illness and Repatriation is part of the basis coverage and must be chosen.

Review of the different coverages

The rationale of the Expatriate Travel Insurance is that expatriated employees should be working under the same conditions as the rest of the employees. In emergency situations they need the same help as if they were still in Norway.

For that reason The Expatriate Insurance is designed to fulfil the typical coverage requirements for a family. The following types of coverage can be added to the insurance:

  • Illness and repatriation
  • Accident
  • Personal liability
  • Home contents insurance
  • Travel Insurance


The final price of your policy will depend on the chosen coverage and insurance amounts. Furthermore, the following factors will apply:

  • The number of expatriated employees
  • The countries of residence
  • Contingency plan

Contingency plan

Most countries in the world have a reliable and well functioning health system. However, there are places where appropriate treatment is not available.

If employees are expatriated to such places, it is important that a contingency plan has been developed. The plan should be prepared in advance and state where the nearest suitable hospital is and the means of patient transportation in the case of an emergency. The contingency plan will be registered at the emergency centre, ensuring its preparation and fulfilment should the employee need help.

Overview Coverage

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Sums covered (NOK)


Single person


Basic cover

Luggage, incl. Combined max 100.000 Combined max 200.000

Employer's belongings

15.000 0
Cash 5.000 10.000
Travel documents 15.000 15.000
Valuable items 20.000 20.000
Single objects 15.000 15.000
Theft from motor vehicle 15.000 15.000
Bicycle 5.000 5.000
Keys 4.000 4.000
Delayed luggage, business trips 10.000 0
Delayed luggage, leisure trips 5.000 15.000
Curtailment Unlimited Unlimited
Personal liability 10.000.000 10.000.000
Legal assistance 60.000 60.000
- departure
- arrival


Personal safety    

- Evacuation due to war

 Unlimited   Unlimited
- Evacuation due to terrorism 30.000 60.000
- Evacuation due to epidemics and natural disasters  Unlimited  Unlimited
- Psychological first aid 25.000 25.000
- Dentention 25.000 50.000
Cancellation 125.000 250.000
Home contents 200.000 200.000

Additional cover

Travel illness cover
 Medical expenses Unlimited   Unlimited
 Pregnancy and delivery 100.000 pr. year 100.000 pr. year 
 Dental treatment  6.000  6.000 pr. person
 Patient escort 100.000   100.000
 Replacement by colleague 50.000  0
Return jorney 50.000 50.000
Repatriation medical evacuation Unlimited Unlimited
Treatment expenses after repatriation 300.000 300.000 pr. person
Interrupted travel 25.000 40.000
Accident cover
Death 300.000 300.000 pr. person
Death child 50.000 50.000 pr. person
Permanent medical invalidity 300.000 300.000 pr. person
Permanent medical indvalidity child 500.000 500.000 pr. person
Medical treatment expenses 25.000 25.000 pr. person